Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Primitive Fresh Popped Corn and Vintage Baseball Ticket Designs

An example of our design work. In May we were asked to do a popcorn sign for a store ... here is our Fresh Popped Corn sign .. newly added to our sign line...

Here is one of our newest Vintage Baseball Ticket Designs ....

We will be adding a gallery to exhibit some of our design work on our website. If you would like to submit a picture of your custom sign or other Old Glory Soldiers' product displayed in your home, please email us at oldglorysoldiers@cs.com

Thank you and Have a Blessed Day,


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating Our Country All Year Long

Happy Fourth of July! To me this is a time of Honoring those that have sacrificed and continue to do so .... a time of remembering what Our Country was founded on ....

As an Army Brat, I was raised with Red, White, Blue, and Green, all year long! We didn't put our flags out for special occasions, or shop to buy those special Red, White, and Blue crafts for those times either. It was a way of life.

It is something that as an Army Spouse, I still do today. Everyday, I Celebrate My Country! And my house is Red, White, Blue, Colonial, and Primitive! I think the Colonial and Primitive, are an obvious compliment to Americana decor, as they share the same love of Family, God, and Country. They shared respect, dedication, hard work, and honesty that it took to survive.

We have lost a lot of that in Our Country. Hard work and honesty is a forgotten virtue too many times. It is something we must teach our children, so they can teach theirs.

We must not forget the sacrifice our forefathers made for us, and that Our Troops continue to make so we may remain a Free Country!

Have a Safe a Blessed 4th of July!

We are featured in an Old Glory Treasury! Long May She Wave!