Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye eBay ....

I will be closing my eBay store, this month, marking the 4th Anniversary of my eBay store. I may occasionally list an item, but of course my website and Etsy store , plus other marketplace ventures will remain open.

eBay has steered away from providing a true feedback system, not allowing a buyer to determine if a seller is providing good customer service and on the other hand - not allowing a seller to provide accurate feedback for a customer.

The definition of feedback implies a reciprocal relationship - eBay is using the word feedback, but not the definition, giving the false impression of a "real" and "safe" marketplace, when in fact it is a money maker for those sitting in the big chairs; lining their wallets with the buyers and sellers money.

Buyers don't fool yourselves. The higher the costs to the sellers, the higher the end cost to you!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Patriotic Prizes ...

These are the signs I just donated to my favorite event!!

You can buy them right here ... The Sweet Land of Liberty 24.95 each, Old Glory Shelf Sitter 7.95 each, and the Tattered Old Glory 5.95 each; plus travel fare - exact cost, no handling fee, calculated by your location.

We love to ship to our overseas friends too!

To buy one of these patriotic tributes post a reply, email, or visit ...

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