Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sports Signs are Hot for the Holidays!

I have been busy with tickets, sports signs and personalized signs for Christmas ... people want handmade ... here is one of my newest designs ...
Wishing You and Yours A Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year, Tina

oops, edited this post and it went to the land of of draft! Here it is again. I am working on a lot of new things I hope to post soon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On The First Day of Christmas ....

I was asked by a fellow Military Spouse to make something for Christmas for her husband and his friends to be able to remember their time in the desert ... well this immediately popped into my head and now my kids are even singing it!

I wanted to make something that would be lighthearted and funny. My husband actually had no problems coming up with all 12 Days, but I needed a small size to make the perfect portable gift ... bonus ~ it will hang on a doorknob or tree! The 12 Days are Available on a Larger Sign ...

Thank you for looking.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season,

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Primitive Early Style Blackened Beeswax Father Christmas Belsnickle AND Christmas Tree

These Early Style Blackened Beeswax Christmas Treasures inspired by our German heritage are available at and

We hand pour each one ourselves using 100% pure beeswax, blackened using natural products, and then finish themby handrubbing them in our special blend of spices.

We wish You and Yours a Blessed Holiday Season!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vintage Wise One Owl Cupboard Print by Old Glory Soldiers

Our newest addition to our Cupboard Print Line, "Wise One" is now listed in our Etsy Store!

Owls have been revered or associated with knowledge and wisdom. This would make a great gift for a teacher or a parent ... how about a Father's Day Gift! We can even personalize a saying below for you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Share

Our Turkey Cupboard Print is listed on the Cantaloupe Corner Blog with more great featured Thanskgiving items for the Season of Giving!
Have a Blessed Day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ready, Set, Go Pink For the Cause

I love this stencil by These would make awesome signs for fundraisers for Breast Cancer Education, Awareness, Studies, etc...
Check out more great Stencils for The Cause by Becca!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

In God We Trust ... Vote for Our Founding Fathers Voices to Be Heard

Here's your chance to let the media know where the people stand on our faith in God, as a nation.. NBC is presently taking a poll on "In God We Trust" to stay on our American currency.

Please send this to everyone you know so they can vote on this important subject. Please do it right away, before NBC takes this off their web page. Poll is still open so you can vote:

God Bless,

I took this picture from St. Andrew's Pier, Panama City, Florida, earlier this year the calm after the storm .... gorgeous.

Here is one of my favorite signs I designed for my shows... simple, but with a powerful statement! Also the O' Beautiful for Heroes Proved .... very patriotic, and inspirational ...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Tale of the Beverly Hillbilly - eBay Buyer Requests Seller to Commit Fraud

In the beginning, the Beverly Hillbilly claimed that the USPS lost packages and had problems delivering to his address; so items had to be signed for. He was given the option of UPS Ground as the standard shipping method listed was USPS Priority and the rates were reasonably comparable.

Item is shipped and signed for and a week goes by. Then the Beverly Hillbilly contacts seller to state that sign is damaged. Since sign was signed for, there is proof of date of delivery and signature. Seller wonders why Beverly Hillbilly took so long; maybe he doesn't realize that damaged package should be reported immediately. He states that he worked for UPS in past and it would have been used as a frisbee. So apparently he understood UPS procedures and it just took that long for him to decide that he wanted another great Original by Old Glory Soldiers.

Beverly Hillbilly states would have been good to put item in box to ship instead of industrial bubble wrap, layers of industrial heavy paper; and heavy packaging tape. Sellers states that a UPS provided box for upgraded shipping charge would have been an option of course, but Beverly Hillbilly chose cheaper option. Unfortunately, shippers don't make the rules, we just follow them.

The seller offers to replace item with proof, which the Beverly Hillbilly never provides. The seller also offers additional shipping options with the "free" shipping supplies from the carrier the Beverly Hillbilly wanted to use; but he never indicated any interested in $30 plus dollars for those UPS "free" shipping supplies that he wanted to use so bad.

Next--- If the Beverly Hillbilly can't get the seller to defraud UPS, then ...
The Beverly Hillbilly buyer asks the seller to commit fraud by using US Postal supplies to package and ship UPS items.

The Beverly Hillbilly buyer tries to defraud the carrier by making an unsupported claim; and refusing to make the item available for inspection.

The Beverly Hillbilly buyer then leaves false feedback. So the seller decides to warn all potential victims so they aren't FAST victims on this TRACK.

Moral: Don't let a greedy Beverly Hillbilly convince you to break the law or lower your morals for the sake of making a sale or preventing a red dot ... otherwise you may find yourself in a jumper sharing a cell with them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A few pictures of our vacation at Disney and Busch Gardens

Here are some pictures from the Disney Parks, Dowtown Disney, and Busch Gardens. We haven't finished loading them all yet, as we take pictures of everything.

We stayed at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort. I would recommend you check it out if you are visiting the Orlando area, it is adjacent to Epcot, and offers shuttle service to Disney parks and Downtown Disney; and is absolutely gorgeous.

Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Primitive Fresh Popped Corn and Vintage Baseball Ticket Designs

An example of our design work. In May we were asked to do a popcorn sign for a store ... here is our Fresh Popped Corn sign .. newly added to our sign line...

Here is one of our newest Vintage Baseball Ticket Designs ....

We will be adding a gallery to exhibit some of our design work on our website. If you would like to submit a picture of your custom sign or other Old Glory Soldiers' product displayed in your home, please email us at

Thank you and Have a Blessed Day,


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating Our Country All Year Long

Happy Fourth of July! To me this is a time of Honoring those that have sacrificed and continue to do so .... a time of remembering what Our Country was founded on ....

As an Army Brat, I was raised with Red, White, Blue, and Green, all year long! We didn't put our flags out for special occasions, or shop to buy those special Red, White, and Blue crafts for those times either. It was a way of life.

It is something that as an Army Spouse, I still do today. Everyday, I Celebrate My Country! And my house is Red, White, Blue, Colonial, and Primitive! I think the Colonial and Primitive, are an obvious compliment to Americana decor, as they share the same love of Family, God, and Country. They shared respect, dedication, hard work, and honesty that it took to survive.

We have lost a lot of that in Our Country. Hard work and honesty is a forgotten virtue too many times. It is something we must teach our children, so they can teach theirs.

We must not forget the sacrifice our forefathers made for us, and that Our Troops continue to make so we may remain a Free Country!

Have a Safe a Blessed 4th of July!

We are featured in an Old Glory Treasury! Long May She Wave!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old Glory Soldiers Corn Whisk Brooms and Osnaburg Labels

Goode Huswife Corn Whisk Broom $ 10.95 plus travel fare
Liberty Corn Whisk Broom $ 10.95 plus travel fare

Here are some updated pictures of the brooms that I featured for sale over the fall and Christmas season; and a sampling of the labels that I enjoy designing. These are all my original designs and protected by US Copyright. Please do not take these designs to sell, share, give, claim as your own, etc. I love to share my work, but hate for others to take it for their own, it is very intrusive and plain rude.

Fresh Linen Water osnaburg label, available on our linen water sprays or separately

I enjoy making labels in more than one medium using my own recipes, and only the best quality materials; as with all of my wares. I have seen many try to duplicate items and take shortcuts, but with shortcuts, you just come up short. This is my business ... I research, and work in my shop everyday to bring you the best product.

Liberty Bell Betty Lamps osnaburg Candle Sleeve or osnaburg label, price depending on size

I have enjoyed designing labels over the years for my customers for their labeling needs in my air fresheners; hanging and bottles, soaps, cupboard prints and tags, and other needfuls. We have even been asked to feature our items on a national level. We are always proud to offer great quality and products; for our repeat and new retail and wholesale customers ... and we always love meeting new friends!

Thanks for looking and Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Daily Life: Gone Fishin' Feature ...

... on The Musical Kitten's Blog ... visit Kat's blog for other features and Etsy store for awesome Guitar Pick Jewelry. Thank you for the feature! :-)

Have a Blessed Day and Thanks for Visiting!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home of the Brave Etsy Treasury Feature ...

We are Proud to be featured in this Home of the Brave Treasury

We also have been really busy with making new signs and will be adding a lot of new things to our sites soon!
Thanks for looking and have a Safe and Blessed Week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Few Of Our Favorite Things ...

I really had a hard time choosing just a few!

It basically came down to what looked good together.

I have been enjoying making new labels and thought I would play around with a grouping of my offerings at the same time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day ...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and and honored the sacrifices of many Veterans.

Thank you for Supporting our Troops!

God Bless!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vote for Red White and Blue Craft Off

Vote for Red White and Blue Craft Off at American Craft Guide

We have entered our Handcut, Woodburned, Wavy Edge flag. We do each by hand without a pattern so each is unique. All of the lines are woodburned by hand and we add our special touch to each edge so the flag appears to Wave! All have unique antique characteristics added.

They are finished with wire hangers; or can have sawtooth hangers if preferred. These are always popular as Patriotic gifts and home decor must haves; and are Proudly displayed in military and civilian homes nationwide and overseas. These are sealed to be Proudly displayed indoors or outdoors.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pictures from the First Wiregrass Honor Flight Return Home May 9

Honor Guard

Fort Rucker WOC Class

Patriot Guard Riders Arriving

Silver Wings Band from Fort Rucker

My son, Cameron, waiting to welcome the Veterans and his grandparents.

My daughter, Madison, waiting with Veterans' family members, friends, and supporters.

A Proud Day To Be An American!

The turn out was great! Thank you for all of the wonderful support from everyone! I look forward to seeing everyone at the next Wiregrass Honor Flight in September.

Friday, May 8, 2009

World War II Honor Flight to Washington DC

"We can't all be Heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by."
-Will Rogers

Please "Clap" tomorrow as these World War II Veterans go by! Veterans and Guardians from around the country will fly into Washington DC, Saturday, May 9, on Honor Flights to visit the WWII Memorial and Arlington Cemetary.

Many of these Veterans have never seen the memorial, and without these Honor Flights they will never know how much their sacrifice has been appreciated!

I know I will stand Proud with tears in my eyes, as I clap proudly when I greet these Proud Veterans in Dothan. I will remember my Uncles, here and gone, that they will represent with the greatest pride as they stand with their fellow Heroes.

Bless You For Supporting Our Troops!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ez Craft Show Going On Now

Visit my Craft Show Starting Today through May 13, 2009

I have some Show Specials for some of my Newest Items and the Specials Will Change throughout the Show so Check Back Often!!

Our George Washington Silhouette Cupboard Print OGS Original is on sale April 28-29! This is a great opportunity to pick up this hot seller!!
See You At The Show!
Have A Blessed Week!

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Vintage Ticket Baseball Signs

We just finished these designs for a wholesale customer and wanted to share our latest Vintage Ticket Designs!! I love these aged signs!!

You can visit our site to purchase one of these new designs or our Vintage Red Sox Ticket, or Chicago Cubs or request your own Vintage Ticket design!

Visit Us Tomorrow For More New Signs!!

Thank you and Have a Blessed Day!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Extreme Makeover

My Alma Mater, Troy University, is being featured in a pre- "Extreme Makeover" edition, where the campus station will air a special, behind the scenes look at the Alumni and students that participated in the show airing on April 26, 2009!

Read even more on Troy University's involvement and watch "Extreme Makeover" for another dream come true!
Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Giveway Drawing ....

Stencil Drawing Giveaway!!

Visit Folk Art From The Harbor for a chance to win her newest designed stencil! She has a designs a stencil just for her drawing each month. Just follow the link for details!
Good Luck!
Have A Blessed Day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

We are Featured ...

I have been designing and working on retail and wholesale orders today so I have just got around to the computer and found out that we are featured!

Thank you for the honor Doris from I Play Outside the Box! Make sure you visit Doris' Etsy store for a great free Pineapple and Banana Nut Bread, a favorite recipe of her family's that she is sharing!

Have a Blessed Day!