Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Lady's Address To Families and Tina's Take

"I particularly cherished my visits with military families all across the country. ... the unique challenges they face because of their families' selfless service to our country. ...

All of us can learn a fundamental lesson from our military families: You don't need to wear a uniform to serve your country. We all have something to contribute to the life of this nation."

- excerpt from First Lady's Address To Families

Tina's take ~~

We should all step forward and contribute to our community and in turn our Nation. We are at a critical time in our Nation! We have become complacent with laziness, stealing, blaming, and making excuses. We have been failing and falling behind for many years, is it any wonder that we are in the current economic state that we are in? Own your own downfallings and shortcomings and change ... or move out of the way and let those that you have been standing in the way get past. Don't stifle them. If we spend less time on blame and more times on ourselves then we will see a more productive society.

Hold the door, say thank you, smile, wave, buy someone's coffee, help someone with their groceries! Teach your children to respect their elders; but also hold places of authority accountable. This is what checks and balances are all about!

Teach your children honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion. Make sure you are approachable for anything! SADD is a great ever-evolving organization based on the changing times, that offers support and even Contracts For Life that you and your child sign. These are great tools to aid in the communication of tough subjects with your child.

We can all make a change now .... but it has to start today ... tomorrow the road will be longer to travel back.
~ Tina Shifflett, Proud Army Spouse and Brat

Thursday, January 15, 2009

As The Good Book Says ... Thou Shall Not Steal!

Stealing is stealing no matter how many people do it ....

as the good book says ... Thou Shall Not Steal!!

It is truly sad the lack of morals and integrity that many adults have these days ...and we as a nation wonder why children behave the way they do ...well I say it is the example ...or lack there of that is set before them ... when someone steals and their response is ...well others do it ...then this teaches children to steal ...not to respect others property and rights ... let our country not be destined for moral bankruptcy ... we need to stand for truth ... even in the face of adversity ....

God Bless,

Friday, January 9, 2009

Some of Our Gettysburg Hollow (c) Designs

I know you have seen the picture on our blog for about a year now but we wanted to give you the history on Our Wash Scrub Board Design ... we love to make items to decorate with and had sold these for quite awhile and then started offering on our website about a year ago... we added them to our etsy shop before Christmas and they will be added to eBay too ... you can also email us at oldglorysoldiers@cs.com These are done on high quality pine ... and you know you will be getting an original product -- no cheap stuff and no bad feedback here either!

Here is a look at a few more pictures of our Primitive Scrub Boards, Candleboard and Primitive Grungy Candy Canes with Paper Bag we made for our Christmas shows!

To see more high quality Primitive, Early, and Colonial wares check out our website, etsy shop and eBay store!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here is some of my Christmas and Winter Decor ... I thought I would share ;-)

Primitive Domains for Sale

I have a couple of Domains for Sale that I have had for 2 years and haven't done anything with. I had plans and just got busier in designing and creating. I thought I would offer them here first.

These domains have never been used, so you can make them your own! Thanks for looking!

WELL looks like they may just stay mine ;-)

I am still looking to sell these domains if anyone is interested; and I am looking for $50 neg. and they are yours ... this includes the registration for one year 9.99, and the transfer fee 6.99, and taxes. Combined deals available.

Thank you for your interest!! I have updated these below!!

SOLD www.primfriendsnetwork.com Registered March 2007
SOLD www.theprimfriendsnetwork.com Registered March 2007
SOLD www.primfriends.com Registered March 2007

www.betsyrossprimitives.com Registered January 2007

Make an offer ... I am looking to divest of these ... not to make a mint ;-)

Prim Blessin's,

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve Beach Ball Drop in Panama City Beach, FL

I am late in posting Happy New Year!!! I just wanted to share this great picture that my husband took when we took our kids to the first Beach Ball Drop in Panama City Beach at Pier Park. It was sponsored by Margaritaville!! Really cool place! A lot of great fireworks and people for miles, literally ... The kids had a lot of fun and we went out for breakfast afterwards . In just a few days the kids will be back to school writing 2009 on all of their papers, and I will be putting the wrong year on everything .... LOL ... My New Year's Resolutions ... well .... its always the same thing .... to have a great, healthy, prosperous year!!! And I wish everyone else the same! God Bless You And Yours!!