Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old Glory Soldiers Corn Whisk Brooms and Osnaburg Labels

Goode Huswife Corn Whisk Broom $ 10.95 plus travel fare
Liberty Corn Whisk Broom $ 10.95 plus travel fare

Here are some updated pictures of the brooms that I featured for sale over the fall and Christmas season; and a sampling of the labels that I enjoy designing. These are all my original designs and protected by US Copyright. Please do not take these designs to sell, share, give, claim as your own, etc. I love to share my work, but hate for others to take it for their own, it is very intrusive and plain rude.

Fresh Linen Water osnaburg label, available on our linen water sprays or separately

I enjoy making labels in more than one medium using my own recipes, and only the best quality materials; as with all of my wares. I have seen many try to duplicate items and take shortcuts, but with shortcuts, you just come up short. This is my business ... I research, and work in my shop everyday to bring you the best product.

Liberty Bell Betty Lamps osnaburg Candle Sleeve or osnaburg label, price depending on size

I have enjoyed designing labels over the years for my customers for their labeling needs in my air fresheners; hanging and bottles, soaps, cupboard prints and tags, and other needfuls. We have even been asked to feature our items on a national level. We are always proud to offer great quality and products; for our repeat and new retail and wholesale customers ... and we always love meeting new friends!

Thanks for looking and Have a Blessed Day!


Apple Tree Cottage said...

Well, I am one of your biggest fans!!! These labels are just fabulous. Your work is the best of the best!!!


Old Glory Soldiers said...

Hi Martha,

I love your creations! You are such a talented artist that I am very honored to receive such a compliment.

I enjoy visiting your blog and Etsy store to view your new art!

Have a Blessed Day,

Jody said...

Oh,I just adore the brooms! How cute!

Folk Art From The Harbor said...

Tina Your labels look awesome just the way I remembered when you lived up here. I love you Candle Huggers...they are going to be a hit for sure just like everything else you make! Hugs BeCca

"The Othermother" said...

Deborah I enjoyed your blog and the music...............wondeful artist you are.thank you for having me