Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Tale of the Beverly Hillbilly - eBay Buyer Requests Seller to Commit Fraud

In the beginning, the Beverly Hillbilly claimed that the USPS lost packages and had problems delivering to his address; so items had to be signed for. He was given the option of UPS Ground as the standard shipping method listed was USPS Priority and the rates were reasonably comparable.

Item is shipped and signed for and a week goes by. Then the Beverly Hillbilly contacts seller to state that sign is damaged. Since sign was signed for, there is proof of date of delivery and signature. Seller wonders why Beverly Hillbilly took so long; maybe he doesn't realize that damaged package should be reported immediately. He states that he worked for UPS in past and it would have been used as a frisbee. So apparently he understood UPS procedures and it just took that long for him to decide that he wanted another great Original by Old Glory Soldiers.

Beverly Hillbilly states would have been good to put item in box to ship instead of industrial bubble wrap, layers of industrial heavy paper; and heavy packaging tape. Sellers states that a UPS provided box for upgraded shipping charge would have been an option of course, but Beverly Hillbilly chose cheaper option. Unfortunately, shippers don't make the rules, we just follow them.

The seller offers to replace item with proof, which the Beverly Hillbilly never provides. The seller also offers additional shipping options with the "free" shipping supplies from the carrier the Beverly Hillbilly wanted to use; but he never indicated any interested in $30 plus dollars for those UPS "free" shipping supplies that he wanted to use so bad.

Next--- If the Beverly Hillbilly can't get the seller to defraud UPS, then ...
The Beverly Hillbilly buyer asks the seller to commit fraud by using US Postal supplies to package and ship UPS items.

The Beverly Hillbilly buyer tries to defraud the carrier by making an unsupported claim; and refusing to make the item available for inspection.

The Beverly Hillbilly buyer then leaves false feedback. So the seller decides to warn all potential victims so they aren't FAST victims on this TRACK.

Moral: Don't let a greedy Beverly Hillbilly convince you to break the law or lower your morals for the sake of making a sale or preventing a red dot ... otherwise you may find yourself in a jumper sharing a cell with them.


lovetheprimlook said...

Very well written !!!


Folk Art From The Harbor said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Now that ebay doesn't allow sellers to leave neutral or negative feedbacks we don't have any way of knowing if we are dealing with scammers.
There are so many people out there that refuse to educate theirselves on Shipping Rates ( it's as easy as visiting or ) And then they want to punish the seller if the rates are too high when its exactly what USPS and UPS charge.
I understand our economy and that some people can't afford to pay for things like shipping, guess what I do when I can't afford certain things? I don't buy them...I wait until I am no longer financially embarrassed and then I make my purchases.
I am so sorry this Hillbilly is trying to steal your ticket. I know how hard you work to make a nice quality item and how many times you have to take the high road when dealing with ignorant people.
You are right he will get his soon enough!

Hugs BeCca

Crocketts Country Store said...

Very well said and some people you just can't please!!!!