Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye eBay ....

I will be closing my eBay store, this month, marking the 4th Anniversary of my eBay store. I may occasionally list an item, but of course my website and Etsy store , plus other marketplace ventures will remain open.

eBay has steered away from providing a true feedback system, not allowing a buyer to determine if a seller is providing good customer service and on the other hand - not allowing a seller to provide accurate feedback for a customer.

The definition of feedback implies a reciprocal relationship - eBay is using the word feedback, but not the definition, giving the false impression of a "real" and "safe" marketplace, when in fact it is a money maker for those sitting in the big chairs; lining their wallets with the buyers and sellers money.

Buyers don't fool yourselves. The higher the costs to the sellers, the higher the end cost to you!

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