Thursday, January 15, 2009

As The Good Book Says ... Thou Shall Not Steal!

Stealing is stealing no matter how many people do it ....

as the good book says ... Thou Shall Not Steal!!

It is truly sad the lack of morals and integrity that many adults have these days ...and we as a nation wonder why children behave the way they do ...well I say it is the example ...or lack there of that is set before them ... when someone steals and their response is ...well others do it ...then this teaches children to steal ...not to respect others property and rights ... let our country not be destined for moral bankruptcy ... we need to stand for truth ... even in the face of adversity ....

God Bless,


Boggy Creek Primitives said...

I agree Tina ~ you tell 'em!!! There's too much of that going on in this world these days ~ I fear with the economy the way it is, it's going to get worse.....

Folk Art From The Harbor said...

Hi Tina you didnt mention how much more sad it is when you know the person who is doing it and even after you confront them all they wanna say to you is Sour makes me wonder why they want to claim copyright to everything they "copy" and then threaten to prosecute to fullest extent of the law if copied? I cant wait to see the day Sour Grapes steals from the wrong person/persons.
Hugs BeCca

SweetAnnee said...

I wonder, what would give someone the idea it is ok taking other's things.

Do THEY want their things stolen???

art, money, property..tis all the same.
you know no one who needs to read this
will come here to do so

love ya
who has 5 oclock shadow on her head!!!

Old Glory Soldiers said...

Thank you all ladies :-)

Deena, I am so happy that you have that 5 o'clock shadow and that you are back to posting!! I have missed you!

Love, Tina

Karen said...

Okay Tina, first off so sorry I called you Becca...not sure what's getting into me lately...SORRY.

Second - I'm so sorry that someone can live with themselves doing this kind of thing - don't they know that other's know what's going on???

Cancel all my other post with Beccas

Hugs, Karen

Old Glory Soldiers said...

Oh gosh Karen ... usually we are all over the boards together at the same time ... LOL ...and we used to do the craft shows together when I was in Washington State and drive to wholesale to the same shops there too ;-)

I hope that other's know so it doesn't happen to them ... I think it is sad the effort put forth to copy when it could be spent on something much more productive ...

I just published them all ... lol ...

Prim Blessin's,

lovetheprimlook said...

I am with you 100% and Becca said it too. I do believe in karma and people need to come up with their own ideas. Not to mention stopping by someones blog numerous times a day to see what they are doing.