Friday, January 9, 2009

Some of Our Gettysburg Hollow (c) Designs

I know you have seen the picture on our blog for about a year now but we wanted to give you the history on Our Wash Scrub Board Design ... we love to make items to decorate with and had sold these for quite awhile and then started offering on our website about a year ago... we added them to our etsy shop before Christmas and they will be added to eBay too ... you can also email us at These are done on high quality pine ... and you know you will be getting an original product -- no cheap stuff and no bad feedback here either!

Here is a look at a few more pictures of our Primitive Scrub Boards, Candleboard and Primitive Grungy Candy Canes with Paper Bag we made for our Christmas shows!

To see more high quality Primitive, Early, and Colonial wares check out our website, etsy shop and eBay store!


Boggy Creek Primitives said...

Those are all just sooooo nice!

Old Glory Soldiers said...

Thank you ;-) I love making them ...and can't really make up my mind which is my favorite color ... I keep changing my mind ... right now I am liking the mustard to go with my decor ... maybe burgundy or dirty white ... lol.

Karen said...

Becca I love these boards...especially the gold/mustard one...
Wonderful work.

Old Glory Soldiers said...

Hey Karen ...thanks so much ;-) and I am so laughing at your post about calling me Becca .... I know how busy you are with all of your jobs ;)

The mustard one is the one that I decided to keep for me!!